Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Living on the Edge... of the Sea

Every year Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) members are divided by districts where the artists' works are celebrated with exhibitions. Our eastern shore region was showcased at Memory Lane Heritage Village, a beautiful, rustic gallery space in Lake Charlotte, just before Clam Harbour.

The show is open and runs through until September 3rd, so when you go to the famous annual Clam Harbour Sandcastle Contest this Sunday, be sure to stop by the show. It's the first building on your right after you turn right onto Clam Harbour Road. Check out their Facebook Page for more info and to see last year's photos.

Many of my favourite artists are exhibiting all under one roof, including Eva and Judith Brannen and Tonya MacPhail! Eva's paintings give me goosebumps every time I glimpse into her spirit forests, while Judith's work has deep organic roots in earth and spirit that will expand your awareness of the natural world just by being in her creative presence. This mother-daughter pair are easily inspired by each other and it's a beautiful thing to experience! Visit Judith's gallery at The MacDonald House in Lawrencetown next time you come to the beach. Tonya MacPhail's paintings are a must see in person. Bring your magnifying glass! I cannot get close enough to this girl's work, it is so detailed and whimsical, my words just don't do her art justice. Even her frames are a work of art! Visit her Facebook Page to see more, and if you're in Newfoundland, look out for her little Crooked House paintings that she and her sister Shannon are famous for creating together! There are so many other great artists at this show, you'll have to come visit before it's sold out...

My painted surfboard (shaped by Alex Hanssen) on top, and Summer Sessions bottom left.

Three sold on this little wall during the opening reception night! Judith Brannen's painting on top, Tonya MacPhail's painting in centre, and my Cow Bay painting far left. Pretty good, I'd say! There were many more sold paintings...

The painting at the top of the white doors was one of my favourites. I wish I wrote down the artist's name.

My 6' painted surfboard (shaped by Alex Hanssen, pintail, red cedar) on top, and Summer Sessions bottom left.
For sale $900! As seen on display in Lululemon Athletica's Halifax storefront window through summer of 2011.

Summer Sessions, Lawrencetown. Original oil painting by Daina Scarola, 14"x18" $390.

Cow Bay, original oil painting by Daina Scarola, 11"x14" SOLD!

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