Monday, August 12, 2013

From Blank Canvas to New Home

Recently I had the opportunity to paint a very large mural at a local school, which helped me to expand my perspective from my tiny studio to a wide open space. It got me remembering how much I loved painting Big. I browsed through my File collection of Photos to Paint, where I paused at this image I took one morning in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. I already had a blank 18"x72" canvas that was waiting to be given life. And so I began...
Seaforth, Nova Scotia © Daina Scarola, 2013

As I painted, I posted all my process update photos on my Facebook page. It was so much fun seeing all the comments and cheers from friends, family, and fans. My painting was at about this stage when I had several people ask me if it had sold yet, how much it was, and how much shipping was to their homes, as far as California and Australia!

It was at this point it SOLD! So exciting!

Almost finished!
Finishing touch, varnish.
Seaforth Cove's new home...
This couple in Fall River, Nova Scotia didn't have anything hanging on the wall in their family room, which is open to the dining table and kitchen. The photo doesn't really do justice to how perfectly the painting fit into their lovely space. The colours of the greenery, rocks, sky, it all connected and flowed instantly. It was meant to be!

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