Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dirt Roads and Sunsets

Photo copyright 2013 Daina Scarola, Ocean Art Studio

Dirt Roads and Sunsets

Dirt roads and sunsets and cottonwood trees,
Sunflowers tall in the warm summer breeze.

Black Angus cattle on green, grassy hills,
Empty farmhouses and run-down windmills.

Scissor-tailed flycatchers on telephone wires,
Leaping flames in the dark of the spring pasture fires.

A hawk wheeling free in the blazing blue sky,
The sound of a coyote's wild, lonesome cry.

Thunder and hail, the wind's savage gust,
The cold scent of rain in the hot summer dust.

Barbed wire and hedgeposts, the wheatfields in June,
Stars over the prairie, the warm harvest moon.

When I am old, and my best days are past,
When my mind's growing dim, and my memory fades fast,

I hope I remember the beauty of these:
Dirt Roads,
And Sunsets,
And Cottonwood Trees.

~ Titus Koehn

I came across this beautiful poem after I took some photos this past week of a warm citrus summery sunset in Lawrencetown. I was about to drive down the hill toward the beach when I was awe-struck by the sunset view in my driver's side mirror. I pulled over and captured this shot through my mirror. ~ xo DS

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