Friday, May 27, 2011

Facebook Connects

I just realized I may have temporarily lost my marbles. But you know, I think temporary insanity can be a great thing. Barriers drop, enabling us to simply 'be' and act on our best intentions without our silly thoughts interfering.

So, what have I done now? I held a huge surprise art give-away on my Facebook Page over a 24-hour period to ensure my friends in all time zones had a chance to participate. The tricker was that they thought there would be only 1 winner. In the end, they all won! I'm shipping each of them a Giclee reproduction of their choice on 8 1/2" x 11" Bamboo fine art paper.

The cause for celebration? I reached over 2000 fans on my art page, and wanted to express my gratitude for their continued support. But first, I wanted to know who these people were! So I threw out the question, "Tell me why I should pick you. Show me who you are - be funny, interesting, inspiring... where do you live? Why do you want my art on your wall? Which one is your fave? Let's connect!"

The people who responded blew me away. I can't say too many hit on the funny mark, but they certainly moved me to bits. I received poems, words of deep inspiration, and personal connection.

Without the conversational element, Facebook can be one-sided. Being an artist is a pretty isolating profession most of the time, albeit very rewarding, so whenever I post new work I get excited to hear everyone's thoughts and feedback. But rarely do they ever share parts of themselves with me. I really wanted to know who my fans were and how my art spoke to them.

This is what they said...

“I myself am both an artist and a surfer. We both express our love for the ocean in our own special way. I wrote this poem for you to consider me in your contest. It celebrates my love for the ocean, surfing, and that search for the perfect wave. I would be blessed and honored to have a piece of your art on my wall. Your ability with the paintbrush is heavenly. I certainly hope you will feel the same about my ability with the pen. Keep living, loving and surfing. Thank You for considering me in your contest.” -Chris Camera

The Session

by Christopher Camera
Ocean waves arriving upon their destination.

Salty mist flirting with the carefree sky. 

The abused blanket of sand awaits...

Punishment dispersed as the liquid curtain falls.

The death of the swell is followed by the next.

Enclosed I become within the liquid tube.

Final words are spoken as the wave faces dismissal.

Surrending to gravity.

Abandoning the glorious ride.

The magic of walking on water slowly subsides.

Speaking is the ocean...

Listening is my heart.

Lifeless foam communicating while evaporating.


Becoming one with a perpetual paradise.

Combining forces as the ride is born.

The water representing the teacher.

The surfer becoming the student.

Celebrating the life of the ocean...

As I mourn the death of my perfect wave.

“Your Art work always reminds me of the feeling I had when I wrote this poem. Love all of your work and would love to have one of your pieces on my wall :)” –Dianna OGrady

You say it's the sun but that ain't no fun,
It's a peach within reach - and I want some.
I want to feel the color and taste the sound,
I want to splash though life with the sprinklers on.
I want to host a party for a thousand days,
then melt into the sand under peachy rays
I want the pulse, the beat, the bass behind,
I want music and laughter.
I want more time.
There's a peach in the sky and a globe on my desk and it's calling me to the other side of this.
I want to wave to the moon from inside the abyss, I want the moon to look down and blow me a kiss.
I want to walk round this sphere and feed my spirit some soul.
I want to live in the moment and then die when I'm whole.
There's a peach in the sky and rain on the street and I'm dreaming of castles
and sand on my feet.
I want to be naked in the arms of the sea -
I want innocence and love
I want destiny.
I want a miracle to behold when the curtain is raised -
I want to live in awe. I want to be amazed.
I want to be a princess. I want to be a king.
I want adventure.
I want everything.
There's a peach in the sky and I want to have fun,
because life is too short to just see the sun.
There's a peach in the sky. - Dianna OGrady

“I live on the island of Oahu. I used to go everyday and walk along the beach and it was amazing. I am having health problems and have stopped walking. but i still try to feed the houseful and the houseless surfers. I dont say homeless because they are home at the ocean. They are called watermen. I try to make a feast at least once a month still. When they see me coming it reminds me of how horses come to the fence when the hay truck is near. They love my cooking. My favorite is the wave that looks like a twist on top. I also like the wave with the palm trees in the back ground through the barrel/tube of the wave. Since i can not go to the beach and walk anymore i would love to have one of your wonderful pieces on my wall. I collect beach glass and it would display nicely beneath it.-aloha” –Zoann Aivlys

“Haha as you probably can guess, I love your work. I live in London ON and am a single mom with 2 lovely daughters at home. Our house is filled with all kinds of beautiful art. We have a pretty girl house lol. Love your paintings because they capture the beauty of nature. The feeling I get when I look at them is calm and happy. I swear I can hear the waves and feel the sun! Love the painting u did of Heather's kids! But I love the ones of sunset on the beach with people and the blue and greens as well. I'd be thrilled if I won! Good luck everyone!” –Angela Sugarlips

“I love your Morning Blue. It brings back many memories of many wonderful places. My daughter Sarah Hockin, is one of your avid customers. She budgets for art and all of her latest were yours. Sarah is working very hard these days and a gift of your art would make her day! Her Mother loves you too! P.S. we love all your work...I'm NOT sucking up! It's true.” –Kathie Doran

“Hi, My best friend and I started surfing last summer and were both addicted on the first wave that we even half caught. I'm moving to Ontario soon and my friend gave me one of your prints as a going away gift (a thing called love). I'd like to enter your competition to return the favour so she can have one of your prints on her wall too; to remember all the great times we spent surfing together. Cheers! –Bernita Giffin

“Hi Daina. I am also an artist and surfer, living in Hawaii. I started surfing in '64, won my first contest in '66, and continue to compete in the shortboard divisions. I am a widow, (since 1970), survived cancer 3 years ago and probably am best known as the mother of bigwave pro surfer Todd Chesser who passed away in the big waves on the n. shore in '97. I surf everyday, paint surfboards for a living (kinda slow nowadays). I paint airbrush acrylic paintings and make jewelry to survive to surf another day. I would love one of your paintings because your work inspires ME to paint! I love the one shown here, but would be happy with a wave, beach scene, sunset, etc. thanks for your time! Aloha” -Jeannie Chesser

“Hope it’s me!! Florida surfer displaced in the midwest tryin gto keep a Surfrider chapter chugging along. When I see your art, I believe I am in a tropical place near warm waves and home in the salty water. Your art makes me FEEL happy and warm!!! How coul di ever find only ONE fav. I wil have to look again through and see which ones and narrow it down to 5!!! Keep making happy, salty, warm art!! my faves Golden, Orchid bch Blossom II., PLumera Bch. Blossom, Beach Party, L'town, Reaching, Thing called love (reminds me of my first true love ), to the coast!!!! to name a few! Love Love.” –Ingrid Andresen Lindfors

“Why should I win one of your works of art? Well...I can't say I'm special or far away from the ocean....or that there is any good reason for you to pick me out of the crowd. What I can tell you is how your art has made an imprint on me. How the strokes of your brush and the way you move paint across a canvas helps lift my spirits. And how I'm incredibly happy I have stumbled upon your page. I don't even remember how I came to find your art...I just remember I was in a gloomy mood and a little down on myself when I saw this vibrant picture of a girl happily sitting alone looking up at a sun....sunflower. I thought "Now thats how I want to feel!"
Your art has become my happy for that I thank you! :)” –Katie Chartrand-Hodder

“When I came upon your artwork I was taken to a tranquil place. Your art calms me everytime I look at it, and sometimes I even tear up because it evokes some of my own memories of times by the sea. So hard to pick a 'favourite' but i love love LOVE the Nolan Combi consignment piece that you painted. My son tracked you down at the Halifax market and totally surprised me by sending me two beautiful works here in Australia. That gift meant so much to me. Receiving your work for one...but also that Karl had done such a nice thing for his mum when I know he was living on meager "backpacker wages". Thanks for what you do :)” –Nina Henry

“I don't even know you, but your art struck me and never stopped! You see, I love the sea, the ocean, and the beach sets me free! Your art is fresh, real and takes you to a happy place every time I see a pic! I simply love it because every painting makes me wish I was in it. I love colour, nature and life, and being picked would be just like being IN one of the paintings! Either way, I still love your works. Erin Bell in Ontario... But not by my sea.” –Erin Bell

“Oh Daina! I'm glad so many people discovered you :D We already know each other quite a bit, and I already have the chance to have your art hanging on my wall (I already own my favorite painting of yours!), so like Jennifer wrote, I don't think I should compete either. But let me tell you, again, that I love your art. I love the colors you use, and I love all the brightness, light and warmth you bring into your paintings, and I love that your art comes from your heart. I’m visiting my family in Canada this summer (wohoo!), and I wanted to order a giclĂ©e print from you. I thought it would be easier to ship it to my parents than all the way to Sweden. I'll contact you later about that. Keep on living your dream Daina! :)” –Marie-France Champoux Larsson

“I moved from Florida to the Wisconsin, your art takes me home. Your art brings back memories of early morning sets, life at the beach being free along the coast's and evening sessions. It reminds me to breath and relax. I show my son of eight your art that raises questions about life on the coast. Your art is awesome! –Scott McDuffee

“Pick me!! Pick me!! Peeling emerald or eastern shores sunrise, hell I'm not fussy, any piece of ur worked would look mighty fine on my walls. I would definately place a piece done by u in my lounge room, the gathering place in my crazy household of 2 boys, 3 cats and a dog. As u can imagine bringing up 2 boys on my own means I don't really have many items that are feminine and don't have robots or dinosaurs on them. I live in Australia about 20 mins from the beach where we go almost everyday in summer. It's the only place the kids can run amok without getting in trouble and it brings us peace and freedom. So to have some beach art in the lounge might hopefully (I know wishful thinking) bring some peace into my other wise hectic lounge room. Also all the girls in my surfer girl club would turn ultra green with envy, which would b great to see.” –Emma Veritay

“I have lived in Wisconsin forever, but l long for the ocean! There is nothing better than sitting on a beach, listening to the surf...any time of day. Your art also reminds me of many happy vacations to Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean & California with my surfer husband (who doesn't get to surf in WI). I really love your art and style.” –Jennifer Greyer Travis


  1. Daina, These are beautiful! I am so lucky to have your art on my walls, it inspires me every day
    :) It is so wonderful that your art reaches so many, and they will be able to enjoy it as much as I do!

  2. Thank you Kerry. I just re-read everyone's quotes for the 4th time and my eyes welled up. I really wasn't expecting this. It's so moving that people from so near and far away feel so much from my paintings. I'm so honored to be able to come to this page every time I feel unsure or lost and remind myself why I'm here...

  3. Daina,
    You are a true artist. You reached out a little and got back alot. Your art touches peoples souls and that is why you got so many lovley posts and poems. When people are emotionally moved by images, you get a response like you did.
    Just don't stop making new ones any time soon. I am happy when I look at them and feel removed from reality for brief moments. What a gift you have.
    I think Plumera Bch is my fav. or Orchid bch II. They are all lovely!!!
    Never stop!
    Ingrid Lindfors

  4. ((((((((((huggggs)))))))))))m&d


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