Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paintings for Mic Mac A.A.C. Auction

Friday I painted this set of 3 small paintings for the auction next Saturday night.  I haven't decided yet whether to auction them off as a set or individually.  

It's called Red Canoe Triptych, and is painted with oil paint on 1 1/2" deep beech wood, each 8" x 10".  My husband loves it cause he thinks it's him with our canoe.  The background is oil paint stamped on to create the effect of sea mist and fog against sand.  

See the post below for more information on the how you can bid...

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  1. I love these paintings Daina! The background pattern on top of the wood is beautiful...
    I won't be able to make the auction, but you'll have to let me know how it goes!


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