Friday, April 10, 2009

Mic Mac A.A.C. Auction & Casino Night

Next Saturday at the canoe club my husband is assistant head coach for, Mic Mac A.A.C., there will be a fun filled Auction and Casino night.  If you are local, please look into going as a guest to help support our sport. 

I plan on donating two paintings for the silent auction and will post them on the blog as soon as they are dry. I will be painting them today, so keep your fingers crossed they WILL be dry on time!!! Yikes.  I just found out about it this morning.  I tend to find out about such things last minute, and really wanted to contribute to the auction, so at least this year I have 1 entire week's notice!  

Some of the other auction items include: a 3-hour paddling lesson, a carpenter and helper for a day, a catered mean, and surf lessons at Lawrencetown Beach.  The night will run from 8:00 pm 'til 12:00 midnight.  Tickets are only $10.00 and include a draft or soda plus 5 casino chips.  

Tickets will be available to purchase Saturday morning at the club.  Please see either Ed or Gwyneth.  Put your game face on and come join us!!

Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club
192 Prince Albert Road, 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tel: (902)464-9480 | Fax: (902)464-8528

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