Saturday, May 31, 2014

My New Home // New Project Website // May 2014 until May 2015

Daina's new website, The Painted Road Project
Dear Friends and Family,
From now until mid-May 2015, I will be absent from my Ocean Art Studio blog while I work on my travel blog, a six-year dream-come-true, The Painted Road Project. I hope you come join me there, where you can follow our adventures and see the new artwork I create, while my husband and I travel through 10 countries, from Canada to Panama in an old '91 Shasta truck camper we've endearingly named La Tortuga. My artwork will still be available to purchase online in my Ocean Art Studio shop. I'll also be posting lots of new photos to my Instagram and to my Facebook Page. Keep in touch!
xo DS
Daina & Stefan Scarola / just before hitting the road on May 16th, 2014
2014 © Daina Scarola, Ocean Art Studio

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  1. Really looking forward to following as you move about the planet.


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