Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sustainable Oceans 2013

Along with a few chosen artists including Bridget Turner Jewellery, I was invited by Dalhousie University and the Marine Affairs Program  to share my vision for a sustainable future for our world's oceans by displaying my artwork at the Sustainable Oceans Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia from April 12th-13th.

I grew up watching David Suzuki's The Nature of Things, and to this day I'm continuously inspired by his environmentalism and devotion to educating our nation towards a sustainable future. When his youngest daughter, Sarika, co-hosted The Suzuki Diaries, a CBC program that highlights environmental solutions, I was equally impressed by her genuine heart and energy. Then I learned that Sarika would be attending the Sustainable Oceans conference as a keynote speaker! What an honor to be part of this event. And even more exciting, I was thrilled the organizers chose one of my paintings, Eastward, to present to her as a gift.

Sarika's speech was both enlightening and inspiring, and the panel of speakers representing different viewpoints was so valuable in connecting all the different perspectives, from government to media to outreach organizations to the fisheries and science. We felt privileged to hear all the incredible people involved in the behind-the-scenes plans to help sustain our oceans for future generations...

Learn more about The Nature of Things series, One Ocean

Watch The Suzuki Diaries, Part 1

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  1. Thank you so much for joining us, Diana! It was a real treat to have you and the other artists be part of the event.

    Jenna Stoner


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