Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Show & The Painted Surfboard

Alex Hanssen 6'0 swallow tail short board made with North American red cedar.
Custom painted by Daina Scarola using fine acrylics and detailed with oil paint pens.
What happened to my weekly wanderings around the coast of Nova Scotia, you might ask? Lately I've been in full art show preparation mode, and it's all coming together nicely. This week I collaborated on a fun new project with master woodworker, Alex Hanssen of Henning Shapes. As a prototype for future projects, I custom painted his hand-crafted 6'0 swallow tail short board he made with North American red cedar and shaped with stoke. The result of our collaboration is proudly displayed in Lululemon Athletica's storefront window on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, in anticipation of my upcoming solo art show, Ocean Playground, this Sunday, July 15th, from 7pm-9pm. Please visit my Facebook Event to RSVP.

Alex is busy making 5 more boards for me to paint. These boards are handcrafted as wall art rather than functional. Who will be our first collectors? Please contact us directly for serious inquiries: Alex Hannsen OR Daina Scarola
Lululemon's storefront window, 5490 Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Lululemon's storefront window, 5490 Spring Garden Road, Halifax
Day #1 was researching and deciding on the design, transferring the basic shapes to the board, taping and priming the areas to be painted, and sketching the wave and flower onto the primed oval area. It was really important for Alex and I that the beauty of the wood be featured as part of the design, so I didn't want to go overboard on the sunburst.

Day #2... Painting!
Taped, primed, and ready to paint at the Halifax Seaport Market.

Getting the shapes down using fine acrylic paints at the Halifax Seaport Market.

Daina painting in her makeshift Seaport Market studio space.
 Day #3, and I'm finished! The sun was perfect, warm and late in the day. In the background, locals are waving farewell as the cruise ships leave port.
All finished! 
The countdown is on! There are only 3 days left before my art show, one you won't want to miss! Lululemon really knows how to host a party. I was there for their staff party last fall, and I was blown away. There will be drinks, eats, live music, great people, and of course walls filled with my original paintings celebrating Ocean Playgrounds, from Nova Scotia to Hawaii. Please RSVP by email to or head over to my Facebook Event page to RSVP and invite your art-loving friends. Invitations (pictured below) are available in person at the following locations until Saturday: my Ocean Art Studio booth at the Halifax Seaport Market (Sat. 8am-4pm), Lululemon Athletica on Spring Garden Road, If Only Surf Shop on Queen Street, Kannon Beach Surf Shop on Lawrencetown Road, and Theresa & Heather's Country Store past Seaforth in Chezzetcook.
Daina's Ocean Playground art show invitation! Please RSVP by this Saturday!


  1. Oh my! Wish that I could be there! And buy a board! Absolutely beautiful work... they're lucky to have such an impressive piece! Congrats on another job well done and have an amazing party/art show... part-show?

    Much love,

    1. Thanks, Sonia! I got really lucky partnering up with Alex to paint his board. It almost didn't happen!

  2. Beautiful job Daina - the surfboard is absolutely fabulous!!! I am so very impressed with all that you have been doing. Best of luck at your art show, what a fabulous venue and collaboration! I hope you are still having time to get out there and enjoy the summer :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I'm trying lots of firsts this past year and having fun with it. Summer? What's that? No just kidding, I hope to get away for a few days in August and spend some time with friends at their cottage in the north shore. The last half of July I'll be at the market every day for the Tall Ships, which is also exciting, but a little time off will be great. I love seeing all the things you're doing, too. Are you going to get some posca paint pens?? I would love to see your first surfboard, too!

  3. Great job on the surfboard Daina! Really strong design and striking colours! Have a great day from the UK!


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