Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Fever @ The Hub

Spring Fever @ The Hub is my first solo exhibition exclusively featuring my encaustic (beeswax) flower collage artworks. I've also never worked so small, and I'm really enjoying the balance in my creative practice.

My first oil paintings were mostly flowers. This show is a celebration of my career's roots, giving new life to my first series "Perceptions of Nature" back in 2004.

Each of these 5"x5" artworks (with the exception of the 12" Greeting the Sun, shown below) is a collage painting, created using layers on a 3/4" cradled wood panel. The first layer is printed craft paper, the second layer is a giclee reproduction cut-out on bamboo fine art paper of one of my original oil paintings. Then several layers of filtered beeswax are applied while molten, each layer remelted and fused using a heat gun. The beeswax medium is blended 8:1 with damar resin, which provides strength and durability to the beeswax and cures harder over time. When the final layer of medium is applied, I carve it out to create a 3-D texture to the flowers. Finally, I paint over the flowers using pigmented beeswax, and fuse it all together to finish it off. The result is a hard, sheen, quilt-like appearance, making these little gems a wonder which must be seen in person to fully appreciate!

Each collage painting is available for purchase directly through me, and will become available to ship or pick up after May 4th. 
I have custom fit crush-proof shipping boxes ready for those of you who live afar. Each encaustic is packed using foam pouches to help protect it from handling and the elements during transport. Payment is available through Paypal, and I also accept Interac (in person), or Visa/MC/Amex by phone.

April Special
5" x 5" encaustic collage painting is $40 (+ HST in Canada)
set of 2 for $75 (save $5)
set of 3 for $110 (save $10)
set of 4 for $140 (save $20)

email me me directly to purchase:
Please provide your payment preference and shipping address so I can send you an accurate invoice.
For PayPal, include your PayPal account email address. For phone orders, please provide your phone #.

Spring Fever  runs from April 9th until May 4th. Shown here is Greeting the Sun,
12"x12" encaustic red & orange tulips over yellow & green patterned craft paper.
These tulips are photo based, rather than based on one of my original oil paintings.
Set of 4 flowers (turquoise & pink), $140
email to purchase:

Single flower (2 roses on yellow), $40
email to purchase:
Single flower (daisy on yellow), $40
email to purchase:
Single flower (red hibiscus on green), $40
email to purchase:

Single flower (lily on red), $40
email to purchase:

Greeting the Sun, 12"x12" encaustic (beeswax) collage painting on encausticboard,
framed in 1-1/2" deep repurposed wood. $220
email daina to purchase

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