Thursday, November 3, 2011

Over Makapu'u ~ encaustic mixed media series

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to tandem paraglide over Oahu's beautiful Makapu'u Beach with expert instructor, talented photographer, and all around stellar guy, Jorge Atramiz and his friends. I have so much to share about that magical day, but that is another story...

Many have asked if I've started painting my Hawaiian experiences yet. Here is the first of them- a set of 5 encaustic mixed media collage paintings titled Over Makapu'u, based on photos I took while flying high over sunbathers, bodysurfers, and bodyboarders.

Over Makapu'u has not yet been listed or shown anywhere yet. Email me if you're interested in adding this series to your collection!
Melting 1st wax layer of Over Makapu'u series #5. Sides of panel are taped to keep the edges clean.
Just finished! Makeshift encaustic studio in my dining room.
Close-up view of 4- 5"x7" Over Makapu'u encaustic mixed media painting series. Materials: pure beeswax, filtered beeswax, pigmented beeswax, photograph decoupage on bamboo fine art paper, sand from Lawrencetown Beach, oil sticks, all on Enkaustikos panels (5"x7") and paulownia wood panel (9"x12").
Over Makapu'u #1, 5"x7" framed (sunbathers on the beach). $85
Over Makapu'u #2, 5"x7" framed (breaking wave view). Sold.
Over Makapu'u #3, 5"x7" framed (bodyboarders and bodysurfers overhead view). $85
Over Makapu'u #4, 5"x7" framed (lighthouse point view). Sold.
Over Makapu'u #5, 9"x12" encaustic mixed media painting. Sold.
Over Makapu'u #5
Close-up of Over Makapu'u #5
Over Makapu'u Beach series of 5 encaustic mixed media paintings.
The best tandem paragliding guide ever! Visit Jorge Atramiz' website and blog.
Jorge's paragliding crew & friends, and Stefan & I's VW camper rental from  Oahu Camping Vans.


  1. Daina, I absolutely love this series! Especially "Makapu'u *5 " a very fresh idea presented in a refeshingly original medium. Good work!

  2. Awww thanks Steve, wow, coming from you that is such a compliment. Just an hour ago I was admiring YOUR work! I love getting your new art blog posts in my Inbox and reading about your inspiration for each plain air painting. I always look forward to your posts. Someday I hope to take one of your classes.

  3. That is so imaginative and individual Diana - well done. I love Makapu'u 4

  4. Thank you Daina! I look forward to that!


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