Monday, September 19, 2011

Artist Feature in WSSM

Aloha my friends! This summer brought sunshine to my creative spirit in so many ways. July I found myself living my dream, getting ready to exhibit my oil paintings in Hawaii on the north shore of Oahu. AND my first major artist feature was published in WSSM (Womens Surf Style Magazine) on newsstands in Canada, the USA, and across the world!
Locally in the Halifax Metro area, you can find this special issue at Chapters in Bayers Lake and at MicMac Mall, The Paper Chase on Blowers St, and at Atlantic News on Queen St and Morris across from If Only Surf Shop.

As an added bonus we met up with the editors of WSSM, the lovely Sandra and Dan Olson. They showed us some of their favorite surf spots on the south shore, and even loaned us a couple boards!

Our last day there we still hadn't scored a longboard for me to bring home, despite many leads in Craig's List that quickly got snatched up quicker than we could check them out. Fortunately, Sandra tipped us over to her buddy's shop RVS Ocean Sport. There I found my new friend, a beautiful 9'4 shaped by Jeff Johnston for Hawaiian Island Creations.

With a half hour to spare before we had to drive back to Oahu Camping Vans in Kailua and get a ride to the airport, we couldn't resist getting it wet for the first and last time in Waikiki beach. I paddled out and caught 3 great rides in a row, with my husband taking turns in between. I fell in love with this board instantly! It felt like it was shaped just for me.

Then we found ourselves running back to the van in bikinis and board shots, dripping wet, full of excitement and nostalgia, leaving the warmth of the island waters behind us until next time...

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