Friday, February 18, 2011

The Story of Little Blue

I've been having fun painting mini canvases for the Daily Surf Art blog. There is something about miniatures that I've always been drawn to. Especially as a child I loved playing with little cars, little toy people, building little village sandcastles inhabited by poor critters I found in the yard (sorry Miss. Caterpillar, sorry Mr. Frog and Baby Gartersnake!), and cooking little imaginary potions. My favorite cartoons were The Smurfs and The Littles! So naturally, here I am painting a visual story about Little Blue...
Little Blue Goes Surfing... "Go Blue, toes to the nose.... WooHOooooo!!!!!..."

Just for fun, if you have a story you would like to write for this series, I would love to hear it. Keep it short and post in the comments below.

Clockwise, they're titled: Little Blue Paradise (SOLD), Little Blue Line-Up (SOLD), Little Blue Deep (SOLD), and Little Blue Rider.

This series of oil paintings on 5"x7" canvas are available here for $70 each. They're painted around the sides, so there is no need to frame them, and each comes ready to hang with a wire on the back.

(Photo credits: "Little Blue Line-Up" see, and "Little Blue Deep" see for amazing photography that you can purchase)

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  1. oh I do love the way these tell a story in my mind!
    I love the interplay between discovering on your own and playing with the community...Seems like such a great metaphor for how we live our lives


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