Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daina at The Halifax Seaport Market

In early December I embarked on a new mission...representing myself at the new Halifax Seaport Market. I thrive on the amazing conversations I have with locals and tourists, and their incredible support for my art. I've been so well received, I think I'd like to keep doing this for a while ;)

My early morning journey to the market begins at 5am when my alarm goes off. I brew some fresh coffee on the stove and hit the road. Last Saturday I heard a great tune by David Francey called February Morning Drive that was so perfect, it gave me the feeling like all was happening as it should.

I arrive! It's a little after 6am. Time to unpack the car and set up my booth before the crowds start rolling in at 7am.

All set up! I especially love my Sunday booth. My Original Oil Paintings look like they flow in a Zen kind of way, with such a nice vibe and beautifully lit with natural light. People often ask if I take Commissions. I do, and have had the pleasure of painting some really special ones over the years.

I have a growing collection of Art Cards that tend to run out, so I order different ones. I like the idea that they're collectible. You never know what I'll print next. Most people mat and frame them instead of using them for cards, but one recent customer came in to see me and bought 24 of them! He was on his way to his office and planned on writing Thank-You's to his clients using my cards. How cool is that!?

As I finish a new big painting I like to bring it in to Image House to get photographed. Their process and quality is second to none! I'm slowly building my Limited and Open Edition Giclee Reproductions. And in the near future I plan to start offering Giclee reproductions on stretched canvas. They will look amazing, on 1 3/4" deep gallery wrap canvas with the image wrapping around the sides.

I have the best spot that shows my art off so well, with space on the side to set up my easel and paint. This is how I like to make the most of my time in between chats with customers. I usually paint small on market days to make sure I can finish by the time I need to pack up. These are my Daily Surf Art paintings!

If you haven't checked out the market yet, make a point of visiting soon, with grocery bags in tow! The eco building itself is a must see, with a "live" wall instead of an air exchanger, windmills on the roof, solar panels, and of course the glass wall view of the harbour is quite a sight! Come fill your kitchen and bellies with all the delicious organic food supplied by small local farms and chefs, and your walls with unique arts and crafts sold by the artisans.
I'm here Saturday against the back isle wall from 7am-4pm and Sunday in the middle court against the wooden slat wall from 8am-4pm. Just to make sure I'm not taking a rare day off, check my Facebook Art Page the morning before you leave.

Here's a Map!

Regular market hours are:
Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-4pm
Sunday: 8am-4pm

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