Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 14th & 15th on D.S.A

L'Town Reef
5" x 7" oil on panel

Surfing is more than the act, it is spiritual, contemplative, a place where the mind wanders to when our feet are dry, it is an expression of an intense love for the ocean, one where I can sit on the beach and envelop myself in the sounds of waves breaking and breathe the salty breeze, and where the sense of time disappears...

Ebb & Flow II
8"x8" oil on panel

Today I took my dogs to the beach, with camera in tow. It was a beautiful winter day, mild, fresh, perfect waves. For my D.S.A. debut, my plan was to paint a true January scene of Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia, but... Once I got back home, stoked the wood stove, and settled into my studio, I found myself only wanting to paint warmth! Here is a small study from a different perspective of a larger painting I worked on last night. ~DS

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  1. Ebb and Flow II is breathtaking! I'm so drawn to the texture of the white paint and the way I can't tell if it's calling me to REST or push hard to REBIRTH something. Maybe it's telling me to let the waves do the work......


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