Monday, November 15, 2010

Indian Summer on the Shore

Life at work has been pretty hectic since the end of August, so when I had the opportunity to finally book my vacation time, I jumped on it! Leading up to my anticipated time off, my stress levels climaxed to a point I don't remember feeling in years due to a huge project that needed to be perfect to please demanding clients. Fortunately I had a great team to work with. To add to the excitement was the hope that the nasty wind and rain might be replaced with the weather that our Nova Scotian autumns are famous for- warm sunshine, glorious fall colours, and waves.

To my great delight, Friday our Indian Summer arrived with arms open, enveloping all of us in a calm revitalizing breeze, and sun so warm I was able to throw aside my cozy down puff for the first time in weeks!

Wearing my summer suit, I enjoyed a good dose of saltwater and paddled for wave after wave until my arms felt like rubber.

Later that evening as I rested my eyes while curled up on the couch, my mind started to drift and paint colourful images.

Indian Summer, 12"x24" oil on canvas panel, framed in dark cherry wood.

Here is the progression of Indian Summer as I worked on it over the weekend...

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  1. All of the above ... how lovely.
    I Really enjoy seeing your paintings in stages of completion; and those colours are SO Vibrant!
    Who took the picture of you? Captured THE moment perfectly. xo


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