Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lawrencetown Trio

Mini L’Town Beach (top):
If you've ever traveled to the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, you'll recognize this left point at Lawrencetown Beach. This is my favorite walk with my dogs at low tide in the morning. The air smells clean, sweet and so fresh, almost like cucumbers. The gentle waves lapping on the beach can take you a million miles away into the most peaceful daydream and yet you feel so present and aware of ever one of your senses...

Mini Morning Session (middle):
If you've ever enjoyed the ultimate peace and serenity of an early sunrise surf as the fog clears and the sun warms the sand, you just might find Mini Morning Session the perfect escape until the next one...

Mini Beach Break (bottom):
Who said the waves can be too small to have fun with?

Painted on a 5 x 7" canvas, 3/4" deep

SPECIAL OFFER~ These sweet mini seascapes are usually offered individually for $55 each plus shipping. For a short while they are being offered as a triptych set of 3 for $150 (regular $165) and at a reduced shipping rate, anywhere in the world!

Update Aug 21: SOLD!

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