Friday, May 21, 2010

Back on my sea legs

The water is warming up! For my birthday I was given a 2 mil hood for my 3/2 wetsuit. With my booties, gloves, and 2 mil T-shirt I was warm getting back out surfing.

I was determined to make my first day back as beautiful an experience as my very first time out- last summer on the eve of Hurricane Bill. It was ethereal, calming, peaceful, empowering. I wanted to find a place all to myself. I went for a drive this morning, determined to get my feet wet. Right Point at Lawrencetown Beach was already filling up. I passed the Reef- too messy. Kept going to Seaforth Cove. Not a soul in sight! I couldn't believe my luck. There were beautiful little waist-high sets coming in and there wasn't a soul in sight. That exhilarating feeling came rushing back to me, and the sensation of floating on the waves when I would lay in bed at the end of the day. And so it was, that morning was my first day back on my sea legs.

Two hours later I was still grinning.

Socks I made for our new boards keep wax off the seats...

Living in Lawrencetown, I've noticed the sport has boomed over the past couple years. Whenever I start to complain there are too many people in the water now, I just have to remind myself there are other places a little more crowded...

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  1. Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That's madness! It's a lovely blog you have here. I particularly admire your way of making art inspired by something you love. It gives your works a great atmosphere. Keep up the fab work!


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