Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old canvases get new life

Last night I sorted through my old paintings in the loft and decided to give some of them a face lift. I gessoed over them, but found the old painting texture was showing through too much, not in a way I could work with.

So I really plopped on the gesso and spread it like butter with my palette knife evenly across some of the canvas.

Then I took one of my cool hand carved antique wooden print blocks and stamped a different texture into each one. This morning they were dry and looked great!

I sketched out some flowers (I missed painting flowers) and
started working with a couple of them today...

...and Voila!!

Daisy Red
16" x 20"

Wild White Daisies
16" x 20"


  1. Hi Daina,

    That texture looks really cool - what a great idea!


  2. Were the paintings you painted over originally acrylics? Good idea to get rid of duds and reuse materials!

  3. Thanks for your comments Steve and Laurel! These old paintings (too ugly to show the 'before pics') were both oils. I primed them with gesso first before painting over them so the oils would bind well. This is a great way to reuse and recycle :)


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