Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Creative Family

In January I was kinda {bragging} about how artistic my family is, and how Christmas mornings are often a sharing of our latest creations. From when I was a young kid until I ventured off to college, my mom and dad were always doing things with their hands as well as my sister before she left for college. While it seemed everyone in town called us creative, none of us were 'artists'. Looking back, I realize we were all dabbling in different projects, on our own paths towards becoming artists. How we each came to have our own distinctive style and medium amazes me. My folks had always encouraged my sister and I to be unique, to find ourselves, and especially to express ourselves. Like it was only natural. Now, in my mid-30s, I know how fortunate we were, and are, to be have a family like ours. My dream is to someday have a Deblette Family art gallery exhibition. They inspire me every day, and I love them to bits...

Dad's Etsy Shop: Wooden Things And Me

Zebra Wood Bracelet

Spalted Birch Vase

Wooden Dragonfly Brooch

Mom helps Dad with his wood art, but Mom is also the most talented quilter I have ever met, though she doesn't exhibit her quilts. She will lovingly spend months and years working on their intricate, whimsical, stories and give them away as gifts!

Cheryl's Etsy Shop: Oh My Ampersand

Lillysella, a blog dedicated to supporting the handmade community and all the amazing artists behind it, recently did a spotlight on Cheryl and her OhMyAmpersand Etsy Shop.

Bird Collage - Finch and Wallpaper

Fallen Overboard II - Jellyfish Print

Wood Brooch - Retro Design


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