Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Fun! and a poor neglected Blog...

With summer almost passed, and very few beautiful sunny warm days to start with, we are now enjoying a perfect season. A little rain and a lot of sunshine!! Lots of fresh fruit, salads, popsicles, BBQs, swimming, beach walks, great novels, surf flicks, close friends, hosting couchsurfers, the World Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships in Dartmouth...and very little blogging.

Truth is, my house is the stuffy kind of warm. I'd rather be out on the deck, sweating, than in the house in front of my computer, sweating. My mind is bustling with so many blog stories, daydreams, great photos to share, a super exciting and successful poppy painting commission, a new water sport we invented, and so much more. Don't worry, I'll remember them all and share soon.

I have a road-trip adventure coming up in September I will be sure to share as well. And a very interesting family coming to stay with us for a few days afterward. Intrigued? Check out their super-inspiring story: I can honestly say that between this family and the awesome Canadian travel documentary Departures, our gap year dream to travel the Americas might possibly not have been planted.

Keep your eye on Hurricane Bill as he brings huge swell to Nova Scotia beaches later this weekend. Hopefully he just brings the good stuff- warm water and beautiful waves, and pass by with the bad stuff. There is some talk that it might hit land as a Type 1 Hurricane. After the damage Hurricane Juan left behind, we could wait a little longer before having to deal with another hit. But as for the good stuff, check out the Lawrencetown Beach surf forecast for Sunday evening: 20 foot waves!!! Triple overhead!!! Off-shore wind!!! 20 degree C water!!! Hopefully the rain holds off because the beach will be pack with a hundred surfers and thrice as many on-lookers as we may very well get to see some pipelines if the beach break is just right. Minutes at Cow Bay will be amazing...

Lots of excitement going on in our corner of the country. I love summer...I'm sporting a great tan for the first time since tree-planting, 15 years ago!! ;) I loooove summer!

Oh, and one more thing, the east coast is going to experience the El Nino effect this year. NS is expected to have a warmer than usual fall and winter, and a green Chirstmas. Sorry Mom and Dad, Cheryl, Paul and Claire! I know how much we all love a white Christmas! Maybe the snow faeries will pull through for us.

There I go daydreaming again, I have to get my head back in the sunshine now...

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