Monday, January 25, 2010


Get Up There is a public awareness movement, fundraiser, and fun event to raise the awareness in Nova Scotia about Colorectal Cancer. The mission is to raise the awareness for the prevention and reduce the stigma associated with the colorectal screening.

The Big Event
Beginning on the afternoon of January 29th, skiiers will spend 24 hours (or some part of it) skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing up to the top of Ski Wentworth. After warming up in the hut, they will ski back down. The goal is for the group to complete 350 trips up and down in 24 hours.

Who and How
The Big Event will be open to everyone interested in raising awareness and money for Colorectal Cancer research. Form your own team or join one of the existing teams on the website. Bob Gascoigne was a long time skier at Wentworth who died in September 2008 after his short fight woth colon cancer. Bob was an avid mountain enthusiast who last skied in February 2008 at Wentworth .

Our Team
I will be participating in a team led by Bob's youngest son and our close friend, Adam Gascoigne. Please donate via PayPal.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Artistic Family Christmas

Happy New Year!

This year our cozy quiet home of 2 + 2 dogs became much more lively with 6 adults + 1 todler + 2 dogs. Mom and dad drove 3 days to get here, my sister's family drove a long 16hr stretch straight. And it was so worth it.

Christmas is a wonderful time for family to reconnect, and every time we get together I am amazed at how inspiring my little family is. Mom is an incredibly creative quilter as well as a wood artisan, dad is a wood artisan who specializes in wood-turning on his lathes, my sister is a graphic artist who creates nature-inspired prints and wood-burned brooches.

Each year we give each other home made gifts to add to our family collections. My home has become a kind of sanctuary art gallery where I proudly show off my artistic family. This year my sister gave me a set of 5 mini wood wall hangings where she woodburned nature-inspired designs on each. She also let me choose 3 wooden brooches! My dad gave me a beautiful wooden vase. Mom and dad asked us each to choose one of their latest creations- wood carved necklace pendants from owls to leaves to sea creatures and butterflies, each with transluscent organic material filled resin centers. Mom even busied herself during the holdays making a dozen mini Christmas coaster quilts.

We really need a family portrait of our wares. But a family gallery exhibit would be a dream come true for us all. I will post some photos of our creations for you soon.

But first, check out my sister's Etsy shop spotlight on Oh My Ampersand: